alpha SUPERFLUID Tattoo Ink

Alpha Superfluid Tattoo Ink

Alpha Superfluid Tattoo Ink

Alpha Tattoo colors have been known for many years and have now been produced according to the new regulations. They are of course REACH tested!

A QR code has now been added to the new REACH-compliant labels. Via this, a REACH declaration of conformity with analysis evaluations can be called up.

The new Alpha Superfluid colors consist of 7 shades of black and 6 shades of sumi "greywash".

Gradations at a glance:

You get the black in 100%, 90%, 80%, 70%, 60%, 50% and 40%

The sumi is available in 100%, 75%, 50%, 37%, 25% and 13%

Recommendations for the use of tattoo colors based on the classic gradations of pigment concentration:

The black, for example, is suitable in:

  • 80% as Tribal or Filling Black.
  • 60% than Universal Black
  • 40% as liner

The sumi is in use in:

  • 75% a Dark Sumi
  • 50% a Sumi
  • 25% a Light Sumi

If you're wondering why there are so many other gradations extra. That's because it's always our goal to offer every tattoo artist the perfect black for themselves and their work.

What black is used to make Alpha Superfluid?

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A high-purity carbon with a large surface area is used. This carbon absorbs the light and therefore appears very dark with a bluish undertone. It delivers deep black color results in the skin.

When processing the Alpha Superfluid Tattoo Colors, there is a slight brown tinge. That is due to the ingredient witch hazel. This is water soluble and disappears completely during the healing phase.

The pigment concentrations are given as a percentage of the darkest shade and are finely graded.

Despite the high pigment concentration of sumi and black, the tattoo colors are very liquid. Therefore, they are very well suited for tattoo artists who work quickly.

The shades heal to a cool black tone.

Advanced skin sealing technology-more into the skin:

The Alpha Superfluid Tattoo colors have an optimized pore-closing effect.

This seals the puncture site and thus prevents the color from bleeding. As a result, more black remains in the skin from the start.

Easy-flow technology- easier into the skin:

The carrier element of the pigment has a low surface tension because it is thin in consistency.

Therefore, the tattoo color is optimally absorbed by the tattoo needle using the capillary effect and worked into the skin.

Easy-flow technology-fast into the skin:

Minimal injury to the skin due to effective and fast work.

Only PAH-free high-performance pigments are used for the new Alpha Superfluid Tattoo colors. Made in Germany. These are AZO safe, heavy metal tested, NDELA free, without preservatives, with cosmetic-pharmaceutical dispersants, without animal testing, vegan and are manufactured under sterile conditions.

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