Body Jewelry Wholesale

Affordably Buy Piercings Online

Murostar Wholesale offers a wide selection of piercing jewelry, ensuring you find something to satisfy customers in your piercing shop. We have everything from simple horseshoes to more exotic dermal anchors and surface barbells, as well as the latest products. However, we place a high emphasis on both quality and hygiene standards. Each piercing is individually packaged, making it ideal for resale.

There are many types of piercing jewelry, and every customer has their own taste. In our online piercing shop, all products can be sorted into various categories to make the shopping experience as pleasant as possible. We offer all types and sizes of Ball Closure Rings (BCR), as well as various barbells and horseshoes. If you can't find the right item using the filters, you can also use our search function or contact us by email or phone. We are, of course, happy to help.

Wide Selection for Piercing Supplies

To meet the diverse needs of our many customers, we naturally offer all our piercing jewelry in various sizes as a piercing wholesale. Different materials also play an important role. Ultra-light titanium is available and popular, as well as traditional surgical steel 316L and flexible plastic. And we want to give you as many options as possible in color selection too. The same applies to the gemstones, which shine and sparkle in their many colors.

But it's not just our large selection of piercing jewelry that's available to you, but also displays for presentation and tools for piercing, such as needles, punches, scissors, and forceps. We also offer expanders for tunnels and body mod parts in various sizes. In addition, you'll find everything related to piercing care. For instance, various sprays and solutions are available to support the healing process after piercing and prevent inflammation.

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