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World Famous Limitless Tattoo Ink

Once the needle goes under the skin when tattooing, the color used stays there for the rest of our lives. Tattoo artists therefore have a particularly great responsibility towards their customers and should really take them seriously. Apart from the various hygiene regulations, it is also important to select high-quality tattoo supplies for your customers. The color used plays a particularly important role.

World Famous Tattoo: Skin-friendly colors

If you want to offer your customers a particularly well-tolerated and high-quality tattoo ink, you should get World Famous Tattoo Ink. This manufacturer from America not only offers the highest quality for the customer, but also an excellent consistency for the tattoo artist. So both you as a tattoo artist and your customers will be particularly happy with this colour.

World Famous already convinces with the manufacture of its products. The World Famous tattoo colors are 100% vegan and the manufacturer has completely avoided any toxins and animal testing during development. Not only animal rights activists should be happy about this, but also everyone who likes to have a well-tolerated tattoo color under the skin. In the meantime, more and more tattoo colors are becoming vegan, because the non-animal products are much better tolerated and the likelihood of allergic reactions is much lower. While some manufacturers do not use animal products, the colors are often tested on animals. At World Famous Tattoo Ink, however, even the production is absolutely vegan.

Professionals swear by World Famous Limitless Ink tattoo colors

Numerous prominent tattoo artists all over the world are convinced of the quality of the World Famous tattoo inks. The consistency of the colors should make tattooing particularly easy and thus give the tattoos an even better look. The many different colors are also much deeper and brighter than many other products on the market

Anyone who knows a little about the scene has probably heard of Lou Rubino JR. He is a world-renowned tattoo artist. The gift was probably already in his cradle. After all, his father was already a well-known tattoo artist and he introduced him to the art at an early age. He has traveled extensively for tattooing and has worked with other celebrity tattoo artists. For him, just tattooing wasn't enough, he wanted to bring his own high-quality color to the market and he succeeded with World Famous Ink.

The company has now listed numerous world-renowned tattoo artists on their website, all of whom openly promote the manufacturer's great colors. Here are just a few of the names:

  • Erich Rabel
  • Master Mike
  • Ryan Smith
  • Sarah Miller
  • Vincent Zaterra

Tattoo supplies shop: Where can you buy the colors?

Buy World Famous Limitless Tattoo Color

Of course you can buy the World Famous colors in our tattoo supplies shop. Unfortunately, there are always suppliers who offer the product but fill the bottles with other colors. The manufacturer of World Famous therefore has an exact list of licensed dealers on its homepage and clearly advises against purchasing the products anywhere else. Of course you can also find our tattoo supplies shop on this list.

Tattoo inks generally always need approval in the respective country where they are to be sold. Since the colors are produced in America and are licensed there, there is not automatically an approval in Germany. However, the manufacturer has adapted its process in such a way that it also meets the EU requirements and has therefore also received approval for the whole of Europe and thus also for Germany.

World Famous Ink Germany: The product range

The manufacturer offers a particularly large variety of individual colors. There is a large selection of various white and earthy tones, as well as numerous light and dark standard colours. If you like it a little brighter, you can look forward to the colors "California Gold", "Mayon Lava Red" or "Donatello Blue". For more muted colors there is "Venice", "Swiss Skin" or King Tut". Of course, that's not all, because the manufacturer has a huge range of tattoo colors that can fulfill even the most unusual tattoo wishes. The best thing to do is to visit our shop and see the large selection for yourself.

If you like to buy colors in a set, you can of course also do so at World Famous Ink Germany. The manufacturer offers a variety of great sets for this purpose. For example, how about the "World Famous Earthtone" Set or one of the "World Famous Primary Color Ink Sets"? There are even shading sets or the "World Famous Skintone Ink Set". The prices for the set are definitely worth it, but it's best to find out for yourself and simply visit our shop.

In addition to the normal color sets, the manufacturer also has some unusual combinations. This includes, for example, the "Big Joel's Blood Works Color Set", which consists of four different bloody red tones. There is also the "Maks Kornev's Zombie Color Set", which contains all the important colors for a convincing zombie tattoo. If you prefer it a bit happier and like flower tattoos, you should take a look at the "Ryan Smith - Flower Set". The selection here is really endless, so it's best to convince yourself of the diverse sets in our shop.

World Famous Ink Germany - a conclusion

People's awareness of health and sustainability is increasing. This also increases the interest in fair and healthy products in the tattoo industry. World Famous Ink Germany offers exactly the right products for this. After all, this is a vegan product that does not contain any toxins or animal testing.

But not only that. The consistency and luminosity of the colors not only convince the customers, but also the tattooists all over the world and not without reason. On some pages it is even said that the colors literally fly under the skin. This not only makes tattooing easier, but usually more fun. Tattoo artists who use high-quality colors, such as those from World Famous, will achieve a better end result and thus make themselves and their customers satisfied and happy.

If you are looking for high quality tattoo inks that will breathe new life into your tattoos, then you should definitely check out World Famous products. Visit the online store to discover a wide range of colors and shades and order your favorite products today.

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