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Eternal Ink Tattoo Color

The brand is well-known and supported by many renowned artists around the world for their tattoo supplies. Eternal Ink sets new standards, thus ensuring wonderful shades that none of your customers would want to miss. Special accents can be made with high-quality color and years of experience. The product consistency is excellent, making it easy to use for the most complicated tattoos. The ingredients have been thoroughly checked, thus attesting to their high quality. Every single step is closely monitored so that nothing can go wrong during production, and you receive a truly perfect product from us. The trust that various international artists place in Eternal Ink is not unfounded, and the manufacturers are aware of this responsibility and will always deliver a perfect product that must meet all requirements. So, if you have bought a product with which you were completely satisfied, you will not be disappointed with a subsequent purchase and will always receive the same high quality for your tattoo needs that you can always rely on. The EU label also ensures that you always receive the product that you can really use well. The European standard is very high. Moreover, you can ensure that all products comply with the guidelines of the national health authority, and you can receive high-quality ink in equally high-quality packaging. The brand also pays attention to high environmental compatibility. The motto here is always: Made by artists for artists.

Eternal Ink's APEX Tattoo Ink

Eternal Ink APEX Tattoo Color

APEX is Eternal Ink's latest premium tattoo ink series, complying with EU regulations for tattoo pigments. After intense research and development over three years, APEX offers an ink base that meets the demands of tattoo artists as well as EU regulations. The APEX inks offer the same performance, mixability, applicability, and healing quality as Eternal Ink's globally known colors. Featuring a unique brand appearance and multilingual, peel-back labels, APEX comes in 30ml bottles.

Eternal Ink's APEX Tattoo Ink is characterized by several key features that qualify it especially for use in the EU market:

  • REACH Compliance: APEX meets the strict EU regulations and restrictions for tattoo pigments, ensuring their safety and compatibility according to current legal standards.
  • High-Quality Pigments: Despite compliance with EU regulations, the quality of the pigments remains unchanged high. They offer intense colors known for their longevity and vibrancy.
  • Optimal Healing Results: The APEX inks heal just like the already existing colors of Eternal Ink, meaning that artists and clients alike can benefit from the proven, reliable results.
  • Versatile Applicability: APEX colors are suitable for a variety of tattoo styles and techniques. They are easy to work into the skin and offer excellent coverage for both fine lines and extensive color areas.
  • Environmental Friendliness: Complying with EU regulations also indicates a commitment to more environmentally friendly production methods.
  • Innovative Packaging Design: APEX uses multilingual, peel-back labels, making the information about the color and its composition easily accessible to users from different countries.
  • Specific Development for the EU Market: The entire APEX line was specifically developed and tested for the needs and requirements of the European market.

These characteristics make APEX by Eternal Ink an attractive option for tattoo artists working within the EU and who value high standards in terms of safety, quality, and environmental compatibility.

Eternal Ink Colors and Manufacturing

The brand offers a wide range of colors and collections from which you can choose. You can select from the Standard Tones to choose from the conventional, widely used colors. Here you will find colors like White, Lipstick Red, and Sky Blue.

If you need particularly large quantities of Eternal Ink tattoo colors, then you should look at the Big Bottles category. Here you will find various shades of gray, white color, and also different colorful tones. Under the Zombie Colours category, you can find different colors that you can use for drawing gloomy zombies. For example, Frostbite Blue or Putrid Brown are very popular artist colors. The Portrait Skintones category offers you everything you need to create beautiful portraits. Here, for example, you can get the color Rose Satin or also Rich Espresso for custom portraits. Our tattoo supply shop offers a series of gray tones under the name Neutral Grey, it offers three different shades of gray, once 60% Neutral Grey, 40% Neutral Grey, and 20% Neutral Grey. Lastly, our collection also offers two differently sized bottles of the product "Keep it Wet" for your tattoo needs. The product offers the perfect solution to keep colors fresh during tattooing and also to achieve softer transitions.

The manufacturing process is a carefully checked process that follows a certain pattern. First of all, a brand new color shade is formulated, and if it is seen as marketable by the employees, it is also mixed and finally selected for beta testing. After this testing, the ink is carefully checked by the employees and then produced in larger quantities. Thus, the ink is then bottled into many bottles and is ready for sale. They are marked differently, depending on where they are sent. Finally, the product reaches the end customer, the tattoo artist. If you are interested in the colors, then take a look at our wide range, you will surely find what you are looking for.

Eternal Ink Artists

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Some of the artists who are famous for their tattoos and more than convinced by the brand are listed here:

Andrea Afferni

This Italian tattoo artist has incredible talent for realistic tattoos and thus truly brings his works to life. Especially known for his portrait tattoos, he has made a special style usable for himself. The so-called "Magnetic" style. A truly mind-expanding effect with fractal colors. The tradition of Italian art is clearly found in his works.

Big Gus

This artist has managed to make tattoo "accidents" special works of art in his own unique way. Is a tattoo a youthful indiscretion? Then Big Gus can certainly help you. But of course, he is also an excellent artist and has always been known for entirely new creations.

Bryan Sánchez M.i

This artist has a wonderful, special talent for creating sketchy lines and dynamic colorful tattoos. With him, you even have the feeling of working with a canvas artist, such precision is not found everywhere in the tattoo industry.

Frank La Natrai

Frank La Natra offers art full of life, drama, and action. He has control over his way of drawing and is a highly qualified artist known for his craft in all respects. His work is also highly media-crossing and is seen as a fusion of animation and fine art.


The tattoo artist has the so-called Goth style and also draws many surrealistic works. He most enjoys incorporating many abstract elements into his work, such as gothic architecture, for example. From the beginning of his career, he was lucky enough to learn from well-known artists and thus further perfect his work. He also enjoys, if the customers wish, letting his own style flow into it.

Liz Cooki

The tattoo artist is also a great talent. She is known for her works with high saturation and dynamic colors. She likes to play with realism and rendered illustrative elements. Since she was young, she knew she wanted to be an artist. She also received a BFA in studio drawing, which provided a very good foundation and basis for her training. Building on this, she learned to push boundaries with her art, combining her creative freedom with realistic portraits.

Mike DeVriesi

Mike DeVries was tattooed for the first time at the age of 16, which opened the window to this world for him. He was always enthusiastic about portrait work and especially about the realistic style. He began tattooing professionally in 2003 and found his niche with color realism. However, he also likes to tattoo different styles, depending on what the customer wants. It is also worth noting that Mike is an award-winning artist who received about 130 awards in the first seven years he tattooed.

These artists are just a small part of all those who support the brand and use their colors with joy every day. All over the world, you can find numerous tattoo experts who love the brand.

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