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Intenze Ink Tattoo Color

The American manufacturer is one of the most popular brands worldwide and with good reason. A wide range of colors and ArtistLines from internationally renowned tattoo artists leave nothing to be desired. Intenze Ink is one of the most sterile and safest colors currently available on the Tattoo Colors market. For many tattoo artists, Intenze colors are considered to have the best flow rate and this makes them particularly easy to use. They contain a very high proportion of color pigments and you can see that. The colors are strong and impress with their long durability. Intenze Ink has already received over 200 international awards and is used by famous tattoo artists worldwide.

Intenze Ink - tradition meets quality

At Murostar you will find over 70 shades of Intenze Ink. Starting with bright white for spectacular highlights, through bright yellow, red and blue tones to Intenze Zuper Black. In addition to the classic single colors for every possible mood and motif, there are many different artist collections. The MikeDemasi Colors and the Mario Barth Gold Label. The makers of Intenze have not only specialized in the production of bright, long-lasting colors, but also in how these high-quality products can be processed well. With the Color Mixing Solution, the highly concentrated colors of Intenze Ink can be excellently diluted or mixed . The recipe enables safe working without changing the color of the original shade. For diluting and mixing black pigments, there is the Special Shading Solution. This makes it child's play to achieve the perfect shades of gray.

Intenze Ink - colors for colour-intensive tattoos with high quality standards

Tattoos are as old as probably mankind is old. Humans have always optimized themselves, including their bodies. Even though this trend has increasingly developed into a firm tradition in recent years and decades, with colors made in China and non-transparent components in the colors, there is one brand that stands for tradition and quality, especially when it comes to tattoo colors: Intenze Ink. The world-renowned tattoo artist from Austria, Mario Barth, is not only known and appreciated all over the world for his grandiose tattoos, but he is also the founder of Intenze.

The production of Intenze Ink tattoo colors

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Tattoo inks have a somewhat dubious reputation with some people. Car paint and chemical pigments, what should not be in the paint. Of course that is not correct. And Intenze in particular show that these colors can not only be manufactured under high hygiene standards, but are also harmless to health. The complex manufacturing process at Intenze makes sure of that. The different colors are not only produced on the basis of the current legal basis so as not to harm health, but the company even goes beyond the legal basis. Many tattoo inks actually contain questionable pigments and extenders. Intenze not only supply a corresponding and regularly updated certificate for each color. Intenze value transparency, so the analysis in the laboratory ensures that any harmful metal is not present in the colors. The world's best-known paint manufacturer is therefore doing its job of protecting customers and their health. Because a tattoo stays for a lifetime.

In order to provide its customers with transparency, there is not only a separate data sheet for each of the colors in order to be able to call up the different ingredients of the colors in a matter of seconds. This creates transparency for customers. On the other hand, Intenze Ink also have their colors sterilized in addition to a completely sterile environment. In this way, no bacteria or no virus gets the opportunity to get into the colors and therefore the skin. The bottom line is that this not only ensures opaque and radiant colors, but also colors that protect what is best about people: their health.

Mario Barth is a veteran of the tattoo business. Because without a doubt he is one of those artists who know what is important when it comes to colours. And this claim is also important in the production of the paints. Only with an ink manufactured to high standards can tattoos be created that can be happily worn under the skin forever. The production facility, which operates according to ISO 9001:2015, follows strict legal requirements.

Animal protection has become a core task in society in recent years. It is therefore very advantageous here that Intenze develop all colors vegan and cruelty-free. The colors are therefore not tested on animals in advance, which above all shows a social and sustainable sense of responsibility.

The number of Intenze Ink colors

Tattoos have evolved over time. That cannot be dismissed out of hand. While tattooing used to be mostly very simple in the past, it's not just the machines that have evolved. The colors have also been further developed. Due to the positive development that the word tattoo in particular has experienced in society around the world, skin images have changed from being a subversive fringe commodity to an expression of personality. And personality is as diverse as the multitude of available Intenze tattoo colors. That's why tattoo colors today come in such a wide range of colors that it's amazing.

Here, too, Intenze colors shine with an almost endless palette of colors. Opaque colors are just as available as the brightest yellow or the sharpest red. Of course, no matter what color it is, the high production quality does not change from the first second in production. There are Intenze tatton colors in different product lines. So every artist will find exactly the colors they need for their work.

Intenze offers the following product lines:

  • Bob Tyrell Colors
  • Randy Engelhardt Tattoo by Numbers
  • Angelina Mengel & Marco Klose Power Grey
  • Mike DeMasi Colors
  • Mario Barth Gold Label
  • Mario Barth Dragon Colors
  • Formula 23 by BJ Betts

These sets are only a small excerpt of what Intenze offer in terms of color sets. World-renowned tattoo artists don't trust Intenze for nothing. The world-famous artists in particular have their unmistakable style and their own color sets ensure that the look is reproducible, even for the smallest artist. It doesn't matter whether it's realistic portraits of Angelina Mengel or Bob Tyrell or stylish lettering ála BJ Betts, the world-famous US lettering artist.

With the Sumi INK line, Intenze's colors are primarily dedicated to Sumi, i.e. Japanese painting. But Intenze don't just offer colors from a wide variety of color palettes. With the Cleanze Solution, Intenze not only supply a concentrate for cleaning the tattoo, but also a dilution for dilution, which is particularly important for gray wash.

With these very products, the world-renowned paint manufacturer underlines that it is more than just a company. She knows how tattoo artists think, how they tick, what is needed as an artist and how holistic customers and tattoo artists can be helped.

Mario Barth as the figurehead of the Intenze Ink brand

A brand always lives from a face outwards. This is marketing at its best. And there is a man who is inextricably linked to Intenze, and as mentioned above, we are talking about Mario Barth. As has long been known, the native Austrian has not only risen to become the world elite of tattooing. Instead, years ago he moved the center of his life to the USA, more precisely to the city that never sleeps. Las Vegas. Not only has he opened his own studio here, world-famous actors also regularly lie on his couch.

So it's not surprising that Mario Barth, as a world-renowned artist, knows exactly what an artist needs. What do colors have to deliver so that lifelike tattoos can be created and what properties and ingredients do colors have to have so that they not only remain stable and bright in the skin for a long time, but also do not harm the customer. And the development from a pure tattoo artist to a paint manufacturer shows that if you know what it takes to practice your profession, you can also offer all these things to other people. Covering and bright colors, diverse sets and high-quality prices, Intenze stands for everything that tattoo artists and customers alike can build on.

Safety, stability of the colors without sacrificing quality, that's what Intenze has been inspiring customers and artists all over the world with for decades.

With our tattoo needs, we deliver the best to our customers every day. Because our daily work shows that acting conscientiously and staying true to your company values ??and philosophy pays off. And precisely because we know the high demands of our customers on the products and tattoo needs, we supply a wide range of Intenze products. Both with the special color sets and with other products such as Cleanze or the Shading Solution.

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